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Give Your Scanner a New Lease on Life

TAB Data Resources Inc. in Palm Harbor, Florida, believes that repairing a price scanner is a worthy investment, and so do the many refurbish companies who then resell refurbished portable data terminals they buy from us. If you have broken equipment, consider our repair service offered on eBay. Our typical turn-around time for repairs is within 72 hours of product receipt. Please note: it is best to call for service if you have more than one scanner.

Sell Your Old Equipment

Buy the latest and greatest and offset the price when you sell us your old equipment. We are interested in buying used equipment, like used portable data terminals. Please send us pictures of what you have for sale, and we will offer a price if interested.

Contract Service

Know that you're covered and will be up and running smoothly in no time when you purchase our yearly service contract. At any time of the year if anything breaks, just send it in to us and we'll repair and send it back to you. We guarantee repairs for 90 days. We always use quality parts. We often service:

» Inventory Warehouses » Retail Stores » Restaurants
» Convenience Stores » Event Venues » Point-Of-Sale Facilities
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