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TAB Data Resources Inc. in Palm Harbor, Florida, specializes in all things related to ticket scanners. We handle all of your code scanner repairs, purchase, and sales. We have 1,000 or more satisfied eBay customers, and work with several resellers. When the manufacturer doesn't sell a part, we'll make it for you. We make scanner parts for:

» Motorola/Symbol®  » Intermec®  » DATALOGIC™  » HHP®  » Unitech®  » TELXON®  » PSC Inc.™ (Photographic Sciences Corporation)

Product Details

Rest assured you're getting quality, inexpensive parts from us. Our handheld terminals are made of used or refurbished products we buy and resell. For example, we'll buy used terminals and install a new display digitizer, keyboard, new external shells, and cases, as needed to sell again. Barcode scan engines are the internal part of the data terminal. We make backup-memory batteries, and manufacture external housing shells for terminals. If a scan lens is scratched or broken, we can make a new one. We offer:

» Handheld Terminals » Barcode Scan Engines » Batteries
» Scan Lenses » Shells
Scanning Devices

Security Devices

Accessory Details

Customize your scanner so it serves your needs perfectly with our many accessories. Our inventory includes:

» Battery Covers » Cables » Hand Straps
» LCD Displays » Keyboards » Stylus
» Rubber Bumpers » Trigger Assemblies » Plastic Housing Shells
» Internal Flex Cables » External RS409 Scan and Power Cables  

How to Navigate Our Online Stores

We classify many small accessories, like trigger assemblies for scanners and rubber bumpers for the corners of terminals, under "other" on our eBay Shop. If you ever cannot find a product or service, please reach out to us.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our parts with a 90-day warranty. Depending on the item, we can replace or send a new one.